Week 37 saw the industry having indicatively exported 100,000 trays, with all markets engaging in a positive manner.

The 2019-20 season has begun with Just Avocados taking advantage of early Asian export opportunities. The industry flow plans suggest a bigger push towards the Asian markets, with a 300% volume increase from the 2018-19 season.

Just Avocados leads this space with our continued focus on profit which allows growers to focus on early harvest and timely pruning with great market returns – without compromising any of these factors.

Just Avocados has shipped 60,000 trays to date with 85% of this volume going into our focus markets, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. This is significant when considering we are in our first week of September and our total Asian volume represented 85,000 trays in the 2018-19 season.

Our market plan continues to suggest 50% of our total volume being placed into Asia, highlighting the importance of continuing to grow our key target markets. Other markets including China, Singapore and India will all play a part in our profit strategy for Just Avocados growers over the next four months.

A key component to the current point of difference we are offering to the market is our ability to communicate with the market. We are telling our story through QR code technology – a basic concept, one that has been available for a while, but it allows us to educate consumers around fruit origin, ripening processes, and health benefits, all points offering value to the consumer. A QR code is a matrix barcode with information attached to it that is linked to when scanned – in our case, consumers can scan the QR code simply by using the camera function on their smartphones. Hold the phone over the code with the camera app open as if you were going to take a photo.

The phone will recognise the QR code and scan it automatically – you don’t need to take a photo or push any other buttons. This scan then takes consumer to a dedicated landing page tailored to the origin and brand of the fruit with videos, recipes and handling information.

Try it for yourself on the code included below…

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Australia remains important to the Just Avocados marketing team; we are pleased to have increased our retail volume in Australia which has surprisingly started slightly early than anticipated. With pressure from WA growers to improve their Australian retail market share, it’s important that we hold our position in this space for the years to come.

The current size profile is suggesting a larger volume of small fruit throughout all growing regions for the 2019-20 season. We have made a few key changes in our offer for small fruit to ensure we are not compromising large fruit value with our small fruit offer. Our solution is the design of a pre-pack catering to a segment of the market where we can create value. The pack contains three small avocados and provides convenience, traceability and a suitable lunch option for families with young children.

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