By Ashley Fraser – Quality Manager 

A friendly reminder for all growers to please update your spray diaries in a timely manner after spraying your orchards. This has become crucial in remaining compliant for China in the Avogreen pest management programme.

For those growers who don’t have their orchard monitored by Just Avocados, please send your reports to regularly.

Keep an eye out for the following pests of concern for China:

  • Leafroller
  • Flower thrips
  • Long-tailed mealybug
  • Fullers rose weevil
  • Soft scale
  • White wax scale

Actions for China growers are:

There is only a requirement to act when a threshold is exceeded.

Re-monitor the orchard within the time frame for the pest concerned or spray within 28 days. Example: Leafroller – If the monitoring result = 2% then the threshold is not exceeded and no action required under the China OAP.

If the monitoring result = 3%, then the threshold is exceeded. You now have two options; re-monitor within 14 days or spray within 28 days.

On all occasions (not China): A threshold that is met allows the grower to spray (the justification). The grower then chooses what action to take. An action is not mandatory at this point.

[us_single_image image=”1541″]

Long-tailed mealy bug.

[us_single_image image=”1542″]

Flower Thrips.