Thank you to everyone who completed the pass-through Food Act registration via NZGAP and to those growers who were happy for JAL to complete on their behalf.

NZGAP/HortNZ were to start trialling the Food Act registration, verification and reporting process with one grower group in the New Year. By the end of January they were expecting to have a clearer idea on what each step looks like for grower groups. As yet I have not received any information on that process.

By the time the next round of NZGAP inspections start we will have a new checklist with the added questions built in; my understanding is that the following five points will be covered: Records, People, Places, Products, Processes.

Reading the details about each point, I can see there may be more records to be produced in the future. But this will be easy to cover once the requirements have been added to the checklist.

Thank you to the growers who have agreed to an external audit from AsureQuality – a necessary part of the NZGAP process made so much easier by your assenting to be inspected again.


Looking at the latest monitoring reports, I see that thrip and leafroller are increasing on some orchards. Having seen so much thrip damage during the packing season it would be good to get on top of those little critters before they get too much of a hold.

All we need now is some rain!

-Written by Helen Gray, Quality and Compliance Manager