Just Avocados has completed its 2018/19 export season and is preparing for a big 2019/20 season. Excited by key achievements, we look forward to announcing financial results and KPI’s that have been completed for the year.

While the season has been challenging, we continue to highlight the importance of our newly developed business model and the advantages we have seen with fruit speed to market. In a challenging environment for all, we are pleased to see our investment truly paying dividends for our New Zealand grower base.

Coupled with a direct retail programme which exceeded committed volumes, we look forward to developing and growing this channel for our grower base in years to come.

This year, Asia has benefited the pool greatly – placing 25.7% of our total volume into a range of ‘key markets’. This meant that we have enjoyed strong returns for all sizes right the way through the season’s duration.

We are thrilled with our outcome in the Chinese market this season, targeting a small volume of fruit to ensure we can connect premium quality with a premium channel. Made challenging by a year that has not been “top draw” regarding quality, we are pleased that our partners in Shanghai have been left with a good taste in their mouth in preparation for the approaching large crop.

2019/20 is an exciting time for Just Avocados – we are looking at a large crop, and a business model that we feel is going to seriously impact how growers determine value through their packer/exporter partners. Allowing growers to pick a large portion of fruit early to ensure minimal quality issues, higher pack outs, and lower waste is the focus moving forward. Linking this with a business that owns and fully controls their supply chain really provides our growers with a point of difference.

Sales receipts across all markets are still being finalized and all growers will be updated on final returns at coolstore door and OGR levels when this process is completed late March/early April with pool progress payments being paid as per our pool rules.