• Just Avocados has indicatively exported 65% of its volume to date. Our Asian programmes are coming to an end as we continue to turn our focus to the Australian market.
  • We have hit our milestones in Korea and Taiwan, which has been extremely pleasing both from a volume and value perspective. This has set us up nicely for next season, which by all accounts looks like it will be a big one.
  • We have also finished our programme into Korea with a few small volumes of air freight. This was a strategic move done to end the season with an emphasis on quality and the brand – and to set us up well for next season.
  • Just Avocados has been very focused on delivering the best quality fruit for retail into Australia. To date, our team has not had a single knock out for quality, which has been extremely pleasing for our team and our grower outcomes. We are exceeding our retail commitment in volume and quality to date.
  • Through our new business model, whereby we receive our fruit directly without the intermediary delays of delivery, we are confident that we are getting fruit through the supply chain 4-6 days faster than our competitors. What this means for Just Avocados growers is that our fruit arrives at its destination of sale in better condition. This is a direct example of how Just Avocados’ business model is providing a point of difference for our growers.
  • Over the last 2-3 weeks, the wholesale market in Australia has been compromised by poor-quality NZ fruit, which has led to the significant weakening of the Australian market. It is pleasing to report to our growers that our exposure to the wholesale market is less than 10% at this time of the year as we endeavour to minimise any depressed pricing through others’ poor quality.
  • As we head into the Christmas weeks, our market and harvest plans are focused on pushing significant harvest volumes with minimal grower restrictions. At JAL, we are working towards hitting our retail commitments and we are also mindful of the effects for growers of fruit drop and further wind rub as the season comes to an end.