• As at week 43, Just Avocados have shipped 40% of the total volume for the 18/19 season.
  • Under 45% of Just Avocados total volume has gone into Australia, with exceeding volumes continuing to grow into Asia. We expect this percentage to change as the Australian market tightens as we lead into Christmas.
  • The Australian market has recently shown positive signs of improvement, with volume forecasts also suggesting a decrease in volume on a weekly basis over the next four weeks.
  • Just Avocados have had reduced volume into Australia, primary focusing on filling direct retail programs. This has allowed us to be less exposed to the weaker wholesale values that have been evident over the last four weeks.
  • Korea has been a challenging market recently, with an oversupply of Mexican and un-forecasted NZ volumes which has put extreme pressure on price. Maintaining premium quality in this market still remains the focus
    over other origins.
  • Taiwan and Thailand have been fantastic markets for Just Avocados, both consisting of direct retail, and both offering a premium to our grower base which has been extremely valuable in recent weeks.
  • China has also been a very pleasing market for Just Avocados to date, we are taking a very measured approach as we understand the complexities with the China market and the importance of getting it right from the start. We continue to focus on e-commerce and retail. It is always pleasing when you see NZ fruit commanding a 25% – 30% premium over other origins, However, there is still a lot of work to be done for this price point to be maintained and we are focused on delivering as we believe this market to have significant opportunity going forward.
  • Just Avocados’ international China brand will feature and be presented in next week’s New Zealand Week events organised by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, on display at a virtual supermarket housed at ‘NZ Central’ in Shanghai. This is a fantastic opportunity for our Just Avocados’ brand and is a continued part of our strategy to promote New Zealand Avocados.