Just Avocados is now working directly with retailers in Australia and further developing key markets in Asia to future-proof returns for growers.

The company is New Zealand’s leading specialist avocado service provider and helps to grow, harvest, pack, export and market avocados for growers nationwide.

Jacob Darling, GM Group Sales and Marketing for Darling Group which represents Just Avocados’ fruit in export markets, says ongoing market development is crucial.

“As volume increases out of New Zealand, maintaining market relevance and ensuring a good split between customer channels and market diversification is the backbone for great returns and handling additional volume.”

Just Avocados is now working both directly and indirectly with Australian retailers, while 45% of the company’s total volume is going into Asia.

“This is 15% higher than last season and targeting key markets that deliver results for our growers remains our priority.”

Just Avocados has seen a 10% increase in volume this season in Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. The company is also continuing to grow the Chinese market.

“While we recognise the value in the later period of the year in Australia, we are certainly focusing on additional markets in the event that this window is not there in 24 months.”

A new business model has been developed in Australia to overcome challenges and better understand, manage and extrapolate the best values possible in the wholesale space.

“The ability to now receive our own product through our third-party service provider is something that our growers are continuing to benefit from. We have taken 24/48 hours out of the supply chain by taking containers from the wharf directly to our facility. This added value in time is something that our customers are certainly enjoying and will become more valuable as fruit age becomes more of a challenge later in the season.”