Just Avocados and Zeafruit will be exhibiting alongside each other at the NZ Avocado International Industry Conference in Tauranga 29-31 August. The two businesses collectively representing a full range of services for avocado growers from orchard development through to international and domestic marketing. The companies are not only partnered up for the upcoming avocado industry event but work closely together during the avocado season.

“We have a mutually beneficial relationship with Just Avocados that is driving valuable outcomes for all stakeholders.  The individual strengths of each business are working together to exceed market competition. An outcome we are very proud of for last season’s avocado crop,” says Glen Dunseath, Managing Director of Zeafruit.

Just Avocados GM Operations and Grower Services Jarrod Redwood says that working with Zeafruit allows Just Avocados to maximise the total return for their suppliers.

“We are focussed on extracting the best possible financial outcomes for our suppliers, grower profitability is not one dimensionally driven by export returns alone – every piece of fruit grown on the orchard has value and Just Avocados set itself the challenge to maximise that value in whatever market we engage.”

The partnership between Just Avocados and Zeafruit allows Just Avocados’ suppliers to leverage both company’s capabilities in the export and domestic markets through joint strategy development around customer partnering, marketing, logistics efficiency, coolchain management and added value service provisions.

“We work with Zeafruit to find value markets for the total crop whether class 1, 2 or process grade. If we can extract better value at certain times of the season for class 1 in the domestic market then we will do this or alternatively when we can get better values for class 2 or 3 via our export process programmes we will respond through those channels,” says Redwood.

Going into the current season, Just Avocados and Zeafruit are continuing to build on their total orchard gate return strategy by pursuing value opportunities for their growers’ total crop.

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(L to R: Glen Dunseath – Zeafruit Managing Director, Andrew Darling – Darling Group Managing Director, Jacob Darling – Darling Group GM Group Sales and Marketing, Jarrod Redwood – Just Avocados GM Operations and Grower Services)