By Erica Faber, Technical Manager, Just Avocados

Fruit on ground:
Any fruit left whole on the ground poses a health and safety risk to both you and your contractors. Fruit rotting on the ground will increase fungal innoculum that can impact the quality of the crop on your trees.  To ensure good sanitation practices, this fruit should be removed from the orchard floor.

Broken limbs:
Broken or damaged limbs need to be removed from the tree as they pose a health and safety risk, block effective machinery access and there is potential for secondary rots.

Make a clean cut where the branch has broken and either remove entirely from the orchard floor or chip and mulch back under trees.

Remaining limbs newly exposed to the sun are now at risk of sunburn damage and should be white washed for protection.

Some trees may be defoliated due to the high winds. In this instance, be aware of sunburn on exposed fruit or limbs. Surround can be sprayed to protect exposed fruit or limbs or apply whitewash to limbs as mentioned above.

Newly planted or young trees:
Check and restake new plantings and young trees if necessary.

Trees have a higher transpiration rate during periods of wind and there is greater drying out of the soil. Check your soil moisture levels and adjust irrigation accordingly. Do not irrigate during a high wind event.

Herbicide and chemical spray:
A reminder that sprays should not be applied during windy conditions.

To assist the tree through this period of stress, you can apply products high in amino acids. I recommend a foliar spray as soon as possible using Wuxal Amino combined with Wuxal Ascofol OR Enhance combined with Kelp Treat (GROlogic products) OR Megafol or Fylloton.

Let us know if you have any questions about the above or if we can assist with anything on orchard.

If you have had significant loss of crop or orchard damage, please contact Kyra 027 257 5028 or John 027 476 9087.